Meet The Team (of soap)

MooMoo Mint – I’m using this one at the moment. It’s refreshing and really makes an impact in the morning! The minty feeling isn’t intrusive and really makes me feel ready for the day. The essential oils in this soap has amazing properties to help relieve sore muscles and it’s great if you have a cold or blocked nose

MooMoo Orange – Fruity and sweet. We’ve added just enough orange EO to keep you wanting more. It’s a soft scent and it’s also great for cutting through the dirt after a long day of making mud pies and planting those tomato plants that will never grow in the spot you’ve chosen back garden

MooMoo Lavender – One of my favourites! It’s well known that lavender aids in relaxation and sleep so this is perfect for your before bed bath time or if you just need to keep calm and carry on. Lavender oil is a key ingredient in insect repellent so this soap would be brilliant to take on holiday with you. Great for everyday use without the fear of drying your skin out

MooMoo Patchouli – Hippylicious! Now, I’m not going to lie.. I’m not head over heels in love with patchouli. It reminds me of voodoo and palm reading. But when it’s in soap it is amazing! It also has amazing properties as an essential oil ranging from being an antiseptic to being an aphrodisiac. Just saying..

MooMoo Lemon – Especially good for oily skin. Lemon essential oil is said to have anti-aging properties. I’m nearing 30 now so I think I may test this theory out after I’m done with our mint soap! This is also great at shedding the teenage spots. Anti-old and anti-teen – perfect!

MooMoo Classic – This is as raw as it gets. Nothing extra added and completely natural. Classic will clean and cleanse with no allergens whatsoever. Unless you are H2O intolerant, then you should stop bathing. Have a dust bath like a chinchilla. MooMoo’s Classic is pure and simple and will love your skin with no judgement

MooMoo Geranium – This soap is great if you’ve been fighting with brambles during the summer holidays when you promised your kids that you’d bake them a blackberry pie. And cuts and grazes will be looked after with the healing properties of geranium essential oil. It’s also pretty good at helping scars fade! Cheaper than all the advertised cosmetic brands too. There has been some pretty hard evidence that prove geranium to be massively beneficial towards eczema and other skin conditions. This is in my top 3 for sure!

MooMoo Tea Tree - This is a great soap for spots and sore bits. Tea tree is an amazing healer so having this in a soap

Our recipe has been tried and tested by not just us, but by so many others who have no skin complaints to those with crazy allergies that create major issues in day-to-day life. It may take a couple of goes to find the perfect soap for your skin as everyone is different but with the variety we have I bet there’s one here for anyone!

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