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Cold press and business compliance soap boot camp... Sorry we're late!!!

Drinking with my big brother on a school night. I thought those day would be long gone at the tender, yet grown up, age of 27..

'Jodie, what time is it?'

Saturday morning and we're trying to make an hour journey to Central London in 5 minutes. With a breakfast stop at BK (give me coffee immediately Burgerman!) and a quick trip to the loo to vamoosh last nights tequillas, it took us nearly 2 hours.

You know when you are late for class and you get the worst seats and everyone turns to stare at you? I'd love to say that didn't happen, but it did. Claire was at the front of the class next to Mr Teacher and I was at the other end of the entire table! (Check out the cute blue top wearing blonde in the picture) We only missed the history of soap. Thank God! At this point I think my tequilla reminants wanted out. I'll sleep it off on my lunch break in the spare room next door..

Now on with the fun stuff on this course.

Soap School really do know their stuff. Shaun is a fountain, no, a volcano of information. Within 20 minutes of being here I realised I am going to LOVE making soap. The science behind it, the properties you have conrol of, actually being able to make soap for different skin types, the lot. I also realised I have alot to learn. Despite our first batch of soap turning out perfect, thus resulting in our base recipe , we learnt so much more from the guys at Soap School.

After a long day at Regents University we marched through the London Underground to find our hotel in Wembley. Biggest bed ever! As soon as my head slam dunked the pillow I was out for the count.

Day 2 and we were on time. The soaps we had made the day before were ready to cut and the room smelt like a perfume soaked unicorn had exploded. I've never taken so many notes at any given time and I never knew how much went into packaging and compliance. Rules and regulations took up several pages of my notepad but I'm pretty sure I took it all in. I can't wait to wrap up some soap and see the finished product.

London was great fun and I'm so glad we went to this boot camp. Regents Uni was beautiful too.. Pricey food in the canteen but a good concept of fresh and healthy meals. Met some great people through Soap School that we hope to stay in touch with to see their progress too!

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