1st day making soap - It must've been a fluke......Right?

Equipment. Check. Oils and butters. Check. Dangerous caustic soda stuff. Check. Kitchen. Check. Ok, lets just do it then!!

Our first attempt of soap making after only reading about this, we were NERVOUS!!! The caustic soda comes with so many warnings, you barely have the guts to look at it never mind use it!!

First mistake was not stirring it, we just left it wondering what next untill we read (as we were making) YOU MUST KEEP STIRRING UNTILL THE LIQUID HAS GONE CLEAR!! more warnings!! It could explode if you just leave it!! "STIR IT JODIE! It'll explode!!" After we weighed out all the oils and butters we warmed them gently. By the time they were warm our caustic soda was cooling too fast and our oils were scolding. Far from the 5 degrees difference they are meant to be within each o