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NAKED corrective soaps? Soap for the skin and the mind

All our soaps are made with coconut oil and olive oil or, in our Castile range, just olive oil. PLUS SOME MIND BLOWING HEALTH KICKS

We scent our soaps with the purest aromatherapy oils and blend it, not only for fragrance, but also how the properties of the oils can effect you mentally and physically. For example, the properties of pettigrain make it a sedative, relaxant, tranquilliser and a cardiac tonic. Pettigrain can be used to calm anxieties, to prevent insomnia, and to help patients come off tranquillisers. This is used in our Pettigrain and Lemongrass Bastile Soap.

Inspired by our daughter Millie Moo

Millie has suffered, like myself, since birth with eczema so bad it would weep. As an advanced aromatherapist I decided it was time I at least tried to help combat her suffering without the use of steroids prescribed by the doctors. This is how MOOMO Soaps was born, from the results of Millie’s eczema and how peoples skin improved when trialling it, we knew we had to share what we had created.

612 cucumbers to make a batch of soap

Totally true! We use a humungous 612 cucumbers to make a batch of our fresh Cucumber & Aloe Soap Plus. A batch of soap is 240 bars so thats nearly 3 cucumbers per bar.

What is a naked corrective soap?

Made by MOOMOO Soaps, these are stripped right back to what the skin needs, and what the skin feeds on, correcting conditions such as acne or even just a dull complexion.

Our original Castile soaps has only 3 ingredients. Now that’s naked!

The Soap Plus range has added skin food such as bentonite clay or pure aloe vera which are added raw and to a cool soap mixture so the properties are alive when you wash, literally feeding your skin.

SOAP has lost it’s way with all these cheaper factory made bars. Nasty chemicals  are added to force them to harden quickly ready for sale or to create a fake bubbly lather. They are also bulked out with cheaper materials like beef fat (tallow) and palm oil making a harsh unpleasant soap, not to mention the devastating effect it has on the palm plantations.

Soap is a glorious product when made well and with human body loving ingredients and lots and lots of cure time. It allows the skin to breath and secrete the right amount of oil preventing spots, dry patches and large pores while giving it a chance to glow and radiate health.

We are determined to keeping true to our own set of values and what our business stands for. For us it’s keeping the skin healthy with natural ingredients, zero waste and the environment in mind.

“The skin is the largest organ of the body that we should really be taking good care of. Choose carefully what you use on it.”

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