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Essential oils are concentrated plant extracts. 

Essential oils are a liquid aromatic substance generally extracted from a plant by steam distillation containing volatile active ingredients. They provide the quintessential properties of the plant, in a concentrated form and can be used either topically (on the skin) or in aromatherapy (diffused, for example).

We do not recommend using essential oils directly on the skin as they are very concentrated and can cause skin irritation. Adding a few drops to a carrier oil - such as grapeseed, olive or castor - would be a great way to safely use essential oils for the topical benefits.

Each oil has its own benefits. We have added some of these to each description to help you find the oil that is best for you. Creating a blend or several essential oils can be fantastic for multiple benefits.

All of our products are naturally derived. Either plant based or provided to us by the earth and packaged in recyclable material and single use plastic free.

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