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NOODSkin Soaps: the best face wash even for acne, eczema & sensitive skin

All our products are made with natural simple ingredients your skin will recognise, absorb and use


All our products are handmade and with the environment, you, animal welfare and nature in mind. We will never add anything to our soaps that will not benefit your skin or what your skin does not love. Our soaps are made with natural extracts and are colour and paraben free. We only fragrance our soaps with pure aromatherapy oils. NOODSkin is suitable for the most sensitive of skin and has the best face wash for acne - try our Salt & Pepper Soap Plus for incredible results on acne prone skin.


Our products have been made to combat eczema, psoriasis, acne and other skin conditions. With the products natural oil content it balances the oil secretion so your skin is left neither too oily nor too dry.  


Perfect for your face as well as your body


We leave out any ingredients that could be harmful to the environment or to any factors within our world.


We are a Company who operate with honesty and integrity. Our oils are sustainable and are quality controlled. We source with responsibilty, care and we are constantly reviewing our suppliers.


We all spend so much time at work, we want to make it a place where everyone is happy.  We pay fairly and employ with lifestyle and family balance in mind. We aim to empower anyone who joins the NOODSkin family and hope it's a positive part of their life.